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About Us

 I started this journey of eliminating the toxins from my family and our home a few years ago. 

I learned more and more about essential oils and what amazing benefits they have to offer. As I started educating myself on how to use them and how I could replace the products in our home, I had found a new passion! I started actually looking into the ingredients we were using on our skin, on our hair, under our arms, and ladies and gents, in our nether-regions! Most of the products you find, and probably use, have known carcinogens, hormone disrupters, Parabens, plastics, pesticides, chemical fragrances, and even formaldehyde in them! 

Yea it’s crazy that we put that junk on our lips, our skin, our most sensitive areas, and mostly, our kiddos! 

So I started making organic soaps and lip balms using essential oils and organic materials that I knew wouldn’t harm my family and friends. I couldn’t wait to share with others! I am constantly improving my products and strive to provide the most organic experience I can while keeping the needs of others in mind. I’ve made a handful of skin  care products that my family loves to use and I’m sure yours will too! I continue to look forward to helping those with specific needs and I’m always adding new products! 

Take the leap with me and start ditching the toxic chemicals everyday and replace them with natural and organic products made with high grade essential oils that have added benefits, including their awesome smells! 

I couldn’t have pursued this passion without the love and support from my husband, family, and friends! 

I look forward to reaching new people everyday and letting them know that there really is good, organic, and affordable products to discover, right here! 

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