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Lavender/Vanilla/Oats-soap bar- goats milk

Lavender/Vanilla/Oats-soap bar- goats milk

I have found your new favorite soap bar to use!! This AMAZING new soap bar is so great! It’s our NEW Lavender/Vanilla/Oats body bar! 
There’s a ton of benefits in this one, let me list the ways...
👉🏼Oats are anti-inflammatory and have been known to help calm down any skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, etc. Removes dirt, unclogs pores, and is antioxidant! 
👉🏼 lavender essential oil is good for, well, everything! It’s calming, boosts your mood, aids in skin care like burns, scrapes, bites, scars, itchiness, and more..
👉🏼Vanilla is also a mood booster and helps combate depression and anxiety, soothes skin, full of antioxidants, and protects against free radicals..
👉🏼apricot oil
👉🏼jojoba oil
Including the many benefits of Organic Goats milk, which we ALL love already! 
You will fall in love 🥰 with the smell of this bar that includes the perfect amount of lavender and vanilla together! 
This is available in 2 sizes.
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