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Pink Lady- Face & Body soap bar- goats milk

Pink Lady- Face & Body soap bar- goats milk

Pink Lady body wash and face bar 
This soap is great for a body wash and/or  face wash! This soap is great for Sensitive skin and dry skin. 
👉🏼Includes rose powder that softens your skin, lightens blemishes, and is good for any skin conditions. 
👉🏼includes pink kaolin clay. Great for dry and sensitive skin. French Rose Clay, also known as Pink Kaolin, is the mildest of all facial clays. It gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin while improving the circulation for a healthier glow, and over time can increase tone. 
👉🏼already includes great carrier oils to help moisturize and sloth skin. 
👉🏼includes essential oils Geranium, Cypress, and Cedarwood which is great for circulation, skin health, and blemishes! 
👉🏼Ingredients: pink kaolin clay, rose petal powder, Neem oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, Shea butter, geranium essential oil, cypress essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, organic goat milk soap.
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