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Skin relief Collection

Skin relief Collection

The best gift for yourself and family!

1. Bug away spray. All natural bug repellant that does not contain harmful chemicals that you will use with other store bought sprays! No deet required since it’s made with natural insect repellent oils. Safe for the whole family

2. Nasal inhaler this allergy nasal inhaler has been helping allergy sufferers since I’ve started making it! It’s a stress free way to ensure you are using natural non toxic allergy products.

3. Herbal bath satchel- this baggie is made with organic herbs like lavender and caléndula and also includes oats to help stop those skin irritations, rashes, or big bites while relaxing in a bath tea.

4. Itch stick made with caléndula and lavender infused olive oil that is known for calming skin irritations, bites, burns, and itching.

5. lavender/oat/vanilla goats milk bar that is our best seller for those with eczema, skin rashes, psoriasis, and other skin issues.

6. Skin Relief Salve! The best salve for any skin irritation you will find.

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