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My How To's and Encouraging words goes like this.

Welcome to my world!

My name is Merideth, I create herbal remedies and skincare for families and loved ones. My business is a small family run business in Texas and I strive to offer the best quality ingredients for my customers and their families. My family loves adventures, God, and all things nature. Sometimes I will share what new journey we are on and where my business comes into play into our lives and how we use it on a daily basis.

Meri Blades Natural Remedies

What you will read here

This blog will be an area for me to share some HOW TO's, herbal education, inspirational post, encouraging post, and product insights. Everyone needs an outlet and I believe this will be mine and also a space for me to share my knowledge and family trials, achievements, and real-life scenarios we can all relate to.

Excited for the future

I am so excited to have this page to share with my friends, family, and customers who have become the first two.

Subscribe and follow along to find more organic living, herbal healing, and family driven topics.

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